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In Gisbert massages you will release accumulated tensions and relieve muscular pains that do not allow you to enjoy your day-to-day life or your holidays

The treatments are personalized, adapted to your needs. In addition, they are made with organic products and with everything necessary to increase the comfort and relaxation of the place where you are.

Deep Relax with Aromatherapy

This therapy,  recovers a selection of 9 essential oils of 100% therapeutic grade for the realization of this unique massage. The aroma of a therapeutic oil helps transform our emotional state and stimulate the secretion of antibodies just by inhaling or applying them.This relaxing massage activates endorphins, hormones and enzymes proving to be a unique experience for the senses

Foot reflexology

Therapeutic foot massage based on the stimulation of reflex points of the feet which correspond to different parts of the body. By reflexively massaging these points, the organs, muscles and other parts of the body receive a healing effect that will also lead to general well-being and relaxation.                        


Quiromassage with stretching:

With this slow and deep manipulation massage where techniques of the classic massage are integrated with those of the Japanese massage – digitopuncture and myofascial techniques – you will obtain a reduction of the pains.

Its goal is to mobilize and stretch the soft tissues of the body. Thus, releasing the accumulated tension in the muscles and eliminating toxins. It is recommended to treat chronic pain such as: muscular contractures, lumbago, sciatica and to reduce body ailments.

Deep tissue massage

This type of high pressure massage penetrates the deepest structures of the muscle helping to relieve muscle tension. It releases areas of chronic stress due to misalignment, repetitive motion, and persistent injury. It is also advised if you suffer from chronic muscle pain caused by severe physical activity or bad posture.

It is recommended that you drink a lot of water to help rinse and eliminate toxins that will have been released from deep tissue during the session.


Sports massage

It is a type of massage indicated for highly active people. It consists of a series of maneuvers with an analgesic effect on the muscle groups involved. It combines stretching, compression, pressure and friction. Sports massage will help you improve performance and prepare the tissues for sports effort during a competition or training. As well as promoting the recovery of the body after an activity. Helps prevent injury, reduce pain, and improve flexibility.

Ayurvedic massage Champi

Traditional Indian massage that includes cervicals, shoulders, neck, head, face and ears. Indicated for the health of your hair, it will relieve mental, muscular tension and anxiety. It will help you clear, revitalize the mind and improve concentration.

Pindas Weda

Ayurvedic massage that consists of the therapeutic application of heat by means of cotton bags (pindas) prepared with aromatic and medicinal herbs mixed with essential oils. The massage is performed with the pressure and sliding of the pindas, which will give you a detoxifying action for the skin, a deep relaxation and release of stress. It will also help you improve insomnia and rheumatic problems.

Thai of feet

Thai massage that consists of stimulating the reflex points of the foot. Working on these points, a response is achieved in the corresponding organs, glands, apparatus and systems, restoring and harmonizing the correct flow of your body energy and the functions of your entire organism.

Reductive treatment with wood therapy

This type of massage is based on two types of massage. One draining and the other with wooden tools designed to break fat nodules and promote the elimination of toxins. The reducing massage will help you to combat and eliminate the accumulation of fat from a localized area and with this, it will help the body to tone, firm and shape.

Fusion Massage

This type of massage is a fusion between relaxing and therapeutic massage. Indicated to relax the body while the therapist focuses on certain areas that need extra therapeutic input due to the accumulated tension

What people have experienced with Gisbert Massages

My treatments incorporate my knowledge through experience and training. Considering that every body is different, my goal is to personalize the massage to your needs.

I bring you the experience of enjoying a massage in the tranquility of your home.

General Conditions of Gisbert Massages

Please read the conditions before contracting the services of the Gisbertmassages and

Gisbert massages covers the whole area of the island of Menorca.

You can book your appointment through the form you will find on the website or by sending a message to the telephone number you will find in the contact section. It is recommended that you make an appointment well in advance to ensure availability. You will arrive at the appointment place 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Late arrivals caused by the client can reduce the duration of the treatment by applying the cost of the full treatment.

If you wish to change your appointment or cancel it, you must give at least 24 hours notice of the agreed time. If this is not the case, the full treatment fee will be charged.

All treatments will be paid for in cash once the treatment has been completed.

Report any medical conditions, allergies or injuries. When making a reservation, please inform us so that we can take it into account when making the treatment