Do you want to relieve the muscular discomfort that is preventing you from enjoying your day-to-day life or your vacation?

Enjoy the benefits of a good massage

It will help release accumulated tension, relieve ailments that can appear on vacation just when the body relaxes or after a high intensity sport activity.

I help you to release pain points

Through manipulations and pressures I help to release the body’s pain points and energy blockages thus facilitating the improvement of body mobility and body health.

In the treatments I offer there is advice and indications to perform certain stretching and postural corrections that will help the proper functioning of the body.

I go to wherever you are, be it a holiday apartment, a hotel or even your home.

Masaje terapeutico Menorca

My name is Isabel Gisbert

I have been working in the world of massage for 20 years through family inheritance. Through my father’s legacy I have learned, from a very early age, to listen to the body and to understand and treat the cause of its ailments.

Over the years I have acquired extensive training in different disciplines such as Quiromassagist, Sports and Recovery Massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Massage and Holistic Therapy. I have extensive experience as a therapist which has led me to create my own technique.

I am passionate about helping others improve their physical and emotional well-being by offering treatments tailored to the needs of each individual.

All this has given me a lot of knowledge about the body and how it works, the causes of its ailments both on a physical and mental level. As well as the health benefits of a good massage.

I am dedicated to the recovery and prevention of disorders of the locomotive system by means of different techniques and I am characterized by the individualized attention of each person.

What people have experienced with Gisbert Massages

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I'm passionate about the relationship between the body and the mind

The nature and magic of its operation. I am a lover of massage and from my own experience and that of my clients I have been able to verify the relationship between the illness body-mind and how liberating a good massage is on both a physical and emotional level.

If you want to relieve, relax and recover your body click here for more information about my services.